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Q: When will Guardian of Lore be released?

A: We estimate a Beta release for the first days of March 2020 and a final release for Febrary 2021. This last date is tentative as we don't want to launch a version that won't live up to the expectations we have of the game

  • "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"

Shigeru Miyamoto

Q: What platforms will the game be available on?

A: There will definitely be a PC/MAC/Linux version. We have the ultimate plan and desire to release a console version, but this will be up to the success of the game.

Q: What engine is Guardian of Lore being developed with?

A: Unity3D

Q: How many hours of game play will there be?

A: The Beta release we estimate will have around an hour of game play to make through every branch of the level and explore the surroundings a little bit. The final version of the game we expect to have around 20 hours or more for a 100% completion (Steam Achievements and all)

Q: What languages will be available on the game?

A: For now it's going to be English and Spanish only. We're analyzing the possibility of a french version and maybe more but again that depends on the success of the first releases.

Q: I read somewhere over the internet that the game was to be released in 2019. What happened?

A: YES! However, at that moment the game was much smaller, with less features and above all, levels where lineal (as no story-branching). We believe Guardian of Lore IP had a lot more to offer so we decided to make justice to it.

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: Retail base price on Steam will be U$S 19.99, and as Steam offers different prices according to each region those prices will be decided accordingly to other games with the same value.

Q: Will it support multiplayer?

A: No. Guardian of Lore is a single player experience that provides stories different as the one on the market and we believe the best way to enjoy those stories and play them is alone.

Q: Will it have Controller support?

A: YES! We even recommend to use one as it improves the experience.

Q: Will the beta be public and open?

A: Yes, eventually. We'd like to offer first a closed beta as to receive feedback in a more controlled way so we can hear them all. But eventually is our desire that you can test the game before purchasing it.



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